how would you describe your approach to wedding photography?

My background as a documentary photographer has had a huge impact on my approach to wedding photography. In the rush of a wedding day, I think it's very easy to zero in the couple. After all, a typical wedding day timeline often focuses rather exclusively on them - the vows, the first dance, the cake cutting. These moments are beautiful and important, but it's also extremely important to me to take a broader perspective on a wedding day. My goal is to observe and capture - in a creative and visually evocative way - not only the moments between the couple, but also the moments that take places within all of the other loving relationships that flourish on a wedding day. My work tells a more complete story of the love a couple shares with each other and with their family and friends, not simply the story of a timeline of wedding day events.

what do you love about what you do?

There are so many things that I absolutely love about what I do! I’m so honored that my couples trust me to capture their wedding day in an artistic and journalistic way, something that is true to background as a photojournalist. It’s because of this that I am so creatively inspired and emotional fulfilled by this work and the experiences it offers me. My job allows me to travel to beautiful places all over the world and spend time with people on a day that is so filled with joy and love and excitement. It's an incredible energy to be around and I am so grateful each and every time a couple invites me to be a part of that energy.

how many weddings have you photographed?

I’ve photographed over 150 weddings and counting!

how many photos will we receive?

A typical full day wedding package includes about 400 - 600 photos, depending on the size of your wedding, whether or not you have an associate photographer, how much time you’d like to put aside for photos, etc. You’ll receive a USB of all the photos, and the photos will also be uploaded to a password protected online gallery.

let’s talk about investment.

Even when you’re planning the most intimate, laid-back wedding day, you have about a hundred different decisions to make. My pricing aims to make things easier for you, with limited bells and whistles and an emphasis on committing time and energy towards knowing what’s important to you and your partner, and telling an authentic story of your wedding day. Shoot me a message through the Say Hello section and I’ll send my pricelist your way :)

where are you based, and do you travel for weddings?

I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia. During wedding season, I split much of my time between Atlanta and Washington, DC. In a given year, I regularly photograph weddings all up and down the east coast, from upstate New York down south of Georgia, with a few weddings scattered into my schedule out West and internationally each year. I love connecting with likeminded couples across the country and overseas, so my pricing aims to keep travel simple and affordable. Have a look at my Travel section to get a sense of where
I’ll be this year.