Ashley, Carey & Elodie: A Birth Story

I consider my experience supporting Ashley and her partner Carey in the birth of their baby girl, Elodie, one of the most transformative experiences I’ve had in my career as a birth worker. This is not because I witnessed any challenging aspects of modern birth which so often serve, for me, as a call to action. Nor was it because Ashley and Carey had a picture-perfect labor totally free of any obstacles or complications. What transformed me deeply was how Ashley looked into my eyes as she labored with a striking and fearless vulnerability. I remember feeling her strength and love in my bones, and understanding on a deeper level than ever before what an incredible honor it was to witness, support and document such divine power, raw emotion and unconditional love. It’s an honor I vow never to take for granted, and one that I keep with me each time the phone rings at 3am, or a labor sees it’s second or third sunrise. Thank you, Ashley, for further rooting me in this beautiful work. I hope these photos forever root you in your own incredible capacity for strength and love.

Sarah Gormley