Lillie & Dan: Married // Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

In the weeks since Lillie & Dan's nuptials, I've been trying to put into words what was so very special about this backyard wedding in the mountains of North Georgia, just outside the small town of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It might have been the quaint and quirky family home where Lillie & Dan greeted guests and held their "reception". It might have been that their reception looked much more like a joy-filled family and friend reunion than a traditional wedding celebration. It might be the vintage floral dress that Lillie wore, or the fact that they were wed on a lake in the spot where Dan's father's ashes had been scattered years before.

Thinking back to the day, I remember the moment in which I knew this wedding would be a very beautiful thing to witness and take part in. Upon meeting Dan for the first time, and telling him that I was so taken by how kind and wonderful Lillie was, he softened and smiled and nodded and said, "She's a bright spot on this earth."

Lillie & Dan, their love and this wedding is a bright spot on this earth, and I am so very grateful to have been there to document their day.