Muriel & Alex // Atlanta Wedding Photographer

An afternoon in the new home of this sweet couple, whose commitment to their "travel vows", rather than spending money on a wedding, is so very inspiring to me. Muriel wrote about their unique commitment to each other in the Washington Post

"...each time we buy a plane ticket, we are renewing our vows to each other: To be patient if someone books the train at the wrong time; to hold the other's hair if one of us gets sick from questionable street food; to reevalutate where we are in life during quieter times on the road; and to make each other laugh, no matter how tired, lost or irritable we are."

I loved photographing this brave and bold couple and their darling animal family in their first home together in East Atlanta. Cheers to couples who celebrate their love in ways that make sense to them, and thanks M&A for inviting me into your lovely space.