Dinah & Brooks: Married // Baltimore Wedding Photographer

I write a lot about how important it is to me to be a support to couples who want to make their wedding day a reflection of the things that truly matter to them, rather than a reflection of what the wedding industry tells them a wedding day should look like. Over the years, it's become more and more important to me to take time to become a foundation and a resource for my couples, a reminder that a wedding day can be just about anything that they want it to be, and it will be absolutely perfect that way, as an expression of the values and goals and priorities that make sense to them. In their wedding planning and on their wedding day, Dinah & Brooks did just that.

When I first met Dinah & Brooks and we walked around the streets of Baltimore for their engagement session, they spoke so freely not only of the love they have for each other, but also of the love they so clearly have for each other's family and friends. That their community was such a strong priority for Dinah & Brooks became even more clear to me on the morning of their wedding, where they absolutely glowed in the presence of dozens of people that they loved, all getting ready for the day alongside them. They took care to ensure that their ceremony was a reflection of this communal love as well, expressing gratitude to individuals in their lives with just as much emotion and attention as they gave to one another (which was also a striking and beautiful thing to witness). And throughout their reception, Dinah and Brooks danced and embraced and laughed and held not only each other but their loved ones just as sincerely. 

Wedding photos that emphasized the more traditional, ceremonial aspects of a wedding day, or portraits that took time out out of the day to stage or pose - these simply would not have made much sense to Dinah & Brooks. But capturing them in authentic expressions of the love that surrounded them from all angles on their day - these were the sorts of photos I wanted to deliver for them. Because every couple is different. And it's absolutely my goal to know my couples well enough to deliver photos that are a reflection of what matters uniquely to them.